2007: Himalayan 100 mile stage race, India

First light on Kanchenjunga

This race has been decribed as “the most spectacular running course in the world”, sentiments echoed time and again since its first running in 1991.  Such exclamations are hardly surprising given that the race takes place against the backdrop of four of the world’s highest mountains: Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.  

However, it is also rightly regarded as one of the most challenging courses by virtue of not merely the distance, but also the mountainous terrain and dangers associated with exercising at very high altitude (Please refer to the race’s official website). 

Starting at approximately 6000ft, the course ascends to nearly 12,000 ft on day one, with four stages on successive days still to complete!   The altitude, rather than the distance represents perhaps the most serious threat to successfully completing the race.  Past race reports disclose the truth of this danger to participants, with personal worsts being the order of the day even for elite runners.   The 2005 running of the race dramatically highlighted the problem posed by the altitude, where one runner was airlifted by helicopter to hospital suffering from an altitude induced cerebral edema…thankfully surviving the life-threatening ordeal.

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1. David Crombie

2. Daksha Hargoven

3. Christo Snyman

4. Julia Curtis

Himalayan 100 Mile Race Stage 1

Himalayan 100 Mile Race Stage 2

Himalayan 100 Mile Race Stage 3

Himalayan 100 Mile Race Stage 4

Himalayan 100 Mile Race Stage 5